Hog Fuel Truck Load Out (1996)

Located at a sawmill in Northern British Columbia, this installation includes a 50-foot tall, 17,000 cu-ft double mass flow bin and Kamengo Feeder discharging hog fuel, shavings and chips into trucks.

The Kamengo installation has shown to have several advantages over conventional truck load out systems such as clam shell bins, which suffer from material hang-ups and poorly controlled material discharge.

First, the Kamengo Feeder’s even and controlled discharge is able to load up to 11% more material in the truck before it volumes-out. This is because the Feeder’s smooth discharge better layers the material in the truck trailer without compressing it. With a Kamengo Feeder and tall bin, nine trucks are able to deliver the same load as that delivered by ten, producing significant transportation cost savings.

Second, the storage volume of the tall bin is equivalent to three conventional clam shell bins, delivering a large storage volume in a minimized footprint. Third, the system has proven to be easy to use and efficient. The truck load out system is able to fill a standard 30-foot trailer in less than 15 minutes.This installation has continued to deliver reliable performance with minimal required maintenance since it was put into service in 1996.