Hog Fuel Day Bin Storage And Feed Retrofit (2000)

The Port Townsend installation is a retrofit of a circular hog fuel day bin that used a vibrating cone discharger.

The 20-foot high bin is located near the boiler and is intended to provide up to two hours of storage. However, with the vibrating cone, and the subsequent plugging that it was experiencing, the mill could not fill the bin more than 3 feet.

Kamengo installed insert panels inside the circular bin to convert the lower part of the bin into a mass-flow hopper. Below the hopper is a Kamengo Feeder that feeds a short conveyor that takes the hog fuel to the boiler. The system is running well, providing over 4,000 cu-ft of storage. The reliability of the feeder has improved the performance of downstream equipment, reducing the amount of supplementary fuel needed to feed the boiler.