Hog Fuel Boiler Storage And Feed Retrofit (2014)

The Tacoma installation is a retrofit of an existing hog fuel storage and feed system.

The previous equipment suffered from severe and consistent plugging.

Kamengo supplied a new bin, Kamengo Feeder, screw conveyor and chute with expansion joint for each boiler inlet. This arrangement of equipment is advantageous because it delivers reliable, even flow of material to the boiler, good storage at the boiler, and is compact, enabling it to fit in the constrained space available.Hog fuel is fed from the existing drag chain distribution conveyor through an existing slide gate into a Kamengo supplied transition hopper. Hog fuel flows through the transition hopper into the bin, which contains 100 cu-ft of storage. A Kamengo Feeder then meters the hog fuel from the bin.