Hog Fuel Boiler Storage And Feed (2007)

The Benson, Minnesota installation was for a new boiler.

The project is particularly challenging because it’s primary fuel is hog fuel (wood waste) mixed with poultry litter. The result is a fuel that is not only fibrous and compactible, but also sticky and corrosive.

There are eight inlets into the boiler, with a Kamengo supplied 430 cu-ft bin, Feeder, screw conveyor and chute with expansion joint for each inlet. The Kamengo equipment receives fuel from a distribution chain conveyor. Fuel is continuously fed into the first seven bins. Level sensors in the seventh and eighth bin indicate to the plant PLC when to start and stop the distribution conveyor. The even feed from the Kamengo bins permitted the plant to forgo a return conveyor.

The screw conveyor is required because the Kamengo Feeder discharges material across its full length. There is no head of material above the screw auger - in fact the screw trough is never more than 1/3 full and only requires a 5HP drive. As such the screw is only acting as a conveyor and not as a feeder.

Although the screw conveyor introduces an additional mechanical item subject to failure and wear, its inclusion permits a layout that maximizes storage at the boiler. Kamengo was chosen as the vendor for this project after extensive testing, including feeding the material through our pilot scale Kamengo feeder and bin located in Vancouver, Canada.