Fly Ash Storage, Conditioning And Truck Load Out (1997)

The fine cohesive ash at the Powell River mill is typical of ash from a fluid bed boiler with a high efficiency collector.

The 10,500 cu-ft silo was designed to load dry ash to closed top rail cars or open containers.

A special loading deck with a collapsible rubber chute is lowered on to the top of the rail car to form an air-tight seal against the hatch when loading out dry ash. The rubber chute has an annular filter to handle displaced air as ash is loaded into the rail car. The feeder also has a built-in conditioning system to wet the ash during load out if needed.

Typically, the ash is loaded out to open top containers for disposal of the ash. The fly ash bin has provided reliable flow without any hang-ups since start-up in October 1997. Little maintenance work has been needed since commissioning.