FGD (Synthetic) Gypsum Silo Reclaim (2009)

Kamengo’s engagement in the oil sands, and specifically supplying equipment to handle gypsum to be used to settle tailings, began in the late 1990s.

In 1997 Kamengo was approached to do flow characterization of synthetic gypsum to determine critical bin and chute parameters for a bin and feeder to be used in outdoor arctic conditions. Kamengo proposed an automated gypsum truck dump unloading and metering system based on its experience handling and metering synthetic gypsum, recycled raw gypsum and rock phosphate – all of which are very difficult flowing materials. In 2009, Kamengo supplied two long feeders for metering FGD gypsum into a tailings remediation process. Each feeder discharged FGD gypsum from two 58-foot tall,18-foot diameter, 47,000 cu-ft silos. The moisture content of the stored FGD gypsum was quite high. The gypsum was reclaimed from a pond and piled on the ground for a short period before being loaded into the silos.

The concept of a single feeder reclaiming from two silos is an example of the unique ability of the Kamengo Feeder to reclaim evenly over a long length. Also, even though the amount of stored material above the feeder was quite high, only 15 HP was required to operate both feeders.