Dry Fly And Bottom Ash Storage, Conditioning And Load Out (2005)

The ash storage and feed system at Rothschild was commissioned in December 2002 and consists of a double mass-flow hopper storage bin and Kamengo Feeder.

The mass flow hopper is capable of holding 6,000 cu-ft of ash –about three days storage. The ash is loaded into trucks to landfill. However a key complication is that the mill is located in the center of an urban area, and so dusting had to be minimized.

The hopper holds both dry bottom ash and fly ash, and was designed to be able to deal with positive blow backs in the bin. To minimize water consumption, the ash is only conditioned as it is loaded into a truck. The bottom of the Kamengo Feeder is fitted with a load out deck that drops on top of the truck container, providing a vacuum seal to suppress dusting.

As the ash is discharged it is hit with a fine mist of water. The Feeder lays a thin bed of water on the last layer of ash discharged into the truck. This thin bed of water acts as a blanket preventing dust from escaping the truck as it drives through the town. This system is flexible in its ability to mix the bottom and fly ash, while providing complete dust control with a minimum use of water.