Canola Pellets Silo Reclaim Storage And Feed (2009)

In partnership with FWS Industrial Projects, Kamengo delivered three 37-feet long feeders, each feeding canola pellets from a 130-feet high, 42-foot diameter silo.

The Kamengo Feeder was chosen because it is very gentle in handling pellets. It makes little sense for our client to go through the trouble of making pellets only to have a significant portion of them ground down by a traditional reclaim feeder.

The Kamengo Feeder discharges the pellets into a drag chain conveyor, which loads the pellets into rail cars. A key innovation by FWS was to build the hopper inside the silos using fill. Applying Kamengo’s practice of design for the material, Kamengo chose sufficient hopper angles to promote reliable funnel flow, while minimizing the hopper and maximizing storage.

Funnel flow was acceptable because the silo emptied out periodically. The silo reclaim system has provided reliable service since 2009.