Brewery Flaked Corn Silo Retrofit (1999)

The 15-foot diameter flaked corn silo at this brewery was experiencing erratic and unreliable flow.

The previous hopper on the silo had a shallow slope and an outlet dimension of less than 24 inches – which did not exceed the piping dimension of the material. As a result, the stored flaked corn would stagnate along the bin walls causing hang-ups.

Kamengo conducted flow tests to determine the hopper configuration required to convert the silo to mass-flow(first-in, first-out). Kamengo replaced the bottom of the cone with a new mass flow “transition” type of hopper with steeper walls and a larger outlet dimension. The transition hopper was fitted with a Kamengo Feeder and screw conveyor to bring the discharged flaked corn to a single point.

After the retrofit, the silo would empty in an even controlled manner without plug-ups, allowing the plant to operate at optimum capacity. The elimination of hang-ups allowed the brewery to boost productivity, producing an additional batch of beer per day