Freedom From Plugging

We specialize in the design of storage bins and feeders for handling difficult flowing bulk solids.

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Adrian Hrytzak, New Westminster

Why Do Bins Plug?

Conventional feeders such as screw and belt feeders compact stored material and unevenly draw material from a storage bin. As a result, these conventional feeders are prone to causing hang-ups when handling difficult flowing materials.
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The Kamengo Feeder

The Kamengo Feeder resolves many of the shortcomings of conventional feeders. The Feeder withdraws material evenly from the full discharge opening of the storage bin and does not compact stored material – both necessary features when handling difficult flowing materials.

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Solutions for Your Application and Material

Kamengo has delivered storage and feed solutions for a variety of difficult flowing materials. View case studies by material or application.
Recent projects

Hog Fuel Boiler Storage And Feed Retrofit (2014)

The Tacoma installation is a retrofit of an existing hog fuel storage and feed system.
Recent projects

Hog Fuel Day Bin Storage And Feed Retrofit (2004)

The Bogalusa, Louisiana installation is a retrofit of a circular hog fuel day bin that used a vibrating cone discharger.
Recent projects

Hog Fuel Pile Reclaim And Feed Retrofit (2004)

Development work on a below ground reclaim system at the Kamloops mill started 2003, with funding from B.C. Hydro and the mill for retrofitting an existing chain reclaimer with a Kamengo Feeder.

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